refugees, asylees, cultural transition

african women

If you are a refugee or asylee, you know that surviving war trauma or oppression, losing a homeland, and adapting to a new language and culture all hold unique challenges.

If you've been working overseas, you may have also experienced trauma and difficult cultural transition.

I will work with you as you resolve trauma, begin to heal, and integrate your experiences into a more meaningful and peaceful life.

I believe
no pain is lost
no tear unmarked
no cry of anguish
dies unheard,
lost in a hail of gunfire
or blanked out by a padded cell.
I believe that pain
and prayer
are somehow saved, processed,

used in the divine Economy.
The blood
shed in Salvador
will irrigate the heart
of some financier
a million miles away.

The terror,

swamped by lava
flood or earthquake
will be caught up
like mist and fall again,
a gentle rain
on arid hearts
or souls despairing
in the back streets of Brooklyn.

By Sheila Cassidy,
torture survivor








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